Understanding Roof Insurance Claims Process
Steps to Take Before Filing a Claim

If you suspect there may be a possibility of filing an insurance claim for your roof as a result of storm damage from elements such as wind, water, hail, or trees…Before submitting a claim with your insurance company, review this guide thoroughly.

Dealing with insurance claims for your roof can be challenging, but having a knowledgeable contractor by your side could save you significant money.


Has my roof suffered any damage?

If a storm has recently passed through your area, you might be wondering if there is any damage that needs to be addressed.…Or whether it is worthwhile to submit a claim.

It is crucial to promptly examine your roof and adjacent property for any damages, as insurance plans usually have a specific period within which a claim can be made after an incident.

Moreover, in the case of hail or other structural damage to your roof, there is a possibility of a roof leak which can lead to concealed interior damage or the growth of mold.

To accurately assess if your roof has any damage that can be claimed, it is recommended to consult with a skilled roofing and restoration contractor.

Signs of Roof Damage Through Property Damage

Take a brief stroll around your premises and search for the following:

  1. Trees that have fallen or debris that has landed on the roof or near the structure.
  2. Damaged plants or trees with stripped-off leaves.
  3. Bent gutters, gutter screens, and downspouts.
  4. Scrapes, scratches, or harm to siding, windowsills, and casings.
  5. Ripped window or door screens.
  6. Dents, dings, or other evidence of impact on HVAC equipment.
  7. Scratched paint or areas of lightness on decks or fences.
  8. Dark spots or discoloration on shingles.
  9. Damaged or cracked roof tiles.
  10. Imprints on flat roof surfaces or exhaust vents.

In case you observe any of the indications above of harm, it may indicate that you have roof damage that is eligible for a claim.

Feel free to reach out to a certified restoration specialist to schedule a comprehensive assessment of your roof.

A comprehensive evaluation of property damage will provide evidence of any harm through a combination of images and written documentation, assisting in the decision-making process of whether or not to initiate a claim.

When to Contact a Professional Roofer

Before filing a claim, it is important to call a roofing contractor if any of the signs listed above are observed on your property. A skilled contractor is knowledgeable in recording damage in a style that is preferred by insurance companies.

Obtaining a professional evaluation will reassure you that you have taken all necessary steps to address your claim after it has been submitted.

At  American Frontier Roofing, we have successfully finished numerous storm restoration projects, making us highly experienced in the field.

The specific criteria that insurance companies seek.

Our services include providing the necessary documentation requested by our clients.

Our partners who work as public adjusters negotiate on your behalf.

We will assist you throughout the entire process if your property has been damaged by wind from a hurricane or tornado, hail, water, fallen trees, fire, or any other natural disaster.

During your restoration project, it is crucial to have a team such as American Frontier Roofing by your side to achieve optimal results.

As a leading restoration company in Houston, American Frontier Roofing has the ability to return your property to its original state before any damage occurs. We also can install materials that are equivalent or superior in quality while adhering to any updated building code regulations that could impact your property.

Roof Insurance Claim Process

Property Damage Assessment

American Frontier Roofing will conduct a thorough assessment of your property to identify and record any damage that can be claimed for your roof and other areas in need of repair, such as windows, doors, siding, decks, and interior and exterior features.

Filing An Insurance Claim

The property owner will file a claim with their insurance company, after which an insurance adjuster will be scheduled to inspect the damage. American Frontier Roofing will meet with the adjuster on-site to assist with documenting and estimating the costs.


Our Inspector and your adjuster will inspect your roof, and with our help we will make sure that you get compensated for what you deserve. We will have a verbal agreement with your adjuster, pointing out damages that they may or may not see

Adjusting and Approving the Claim.

American Frontier Roofing will provide the insurance company with a detailed estimate in the preferred format. Upon approval, the company will issue a first check, which the property owner will forward to American Frontier Roofing along with the deductible payment.

Completion of Project Work.

Permits will be obtained (if required), materials will be ordered, and work will commence and be completed. American Frontier Roofing will document any unexpected damage or repair needs (supplements) during construction while finalizing the project.

Supplementary Payments and Final Invoice.

Approved supplements and a final invoice will be sent to the insurance company. The insurance company will issue a check for the remaining balance, which the property owner will forward to American Frontier Roofing.

Different Types of Insurance Policies

After a disaster, it is important to note that not all insurance policies for homeowners or property owners may offer sufficient coverage.
Understanding the type of policy coverage you possess is crucial, as it can impact the amount you may have to pay from your pocket.
Your policy probably contains a deductible, which you must pay to cover a portion of the insurance claim before the insurance coverage becomes effective.
The policy you have selected determines the amount of compensation you receive for repairing or replacing damaged property caused by wind or hail. Once the deductible is fulfilled, the reimbursement for your claim is determined by the type of coverage, specifically whether it includes Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Replacement Cost Value (RCV) coverage.

Comparison between Actual Cash Value (ACV) and Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

The value of ACV is determined by subtracting any decrease in value due to age from the cost of repairing or replacing your roof.
The calculation for RCV consists of the cost needed to repair or replace your roof, without taking into account any depreciation due to the age of the roof.
One can easily understand that ACV leads to a greater financial burden for the owner of the property. It is crucial to know the coverage offered by your policy as it may surprise some individuals.

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